09 June 2010

Keep the donated organs in a sacred drink!

Canned organs: save them before transplantation"Popular Mechanics" by MIT Technology Review:

Extending the Life of Donated Organs

Today, in the USA alone, more than 100 thousand patients in need of organs for transplantation are preparing for a real race against time. And it's not just about finding suitable donors: the organs themselves can be kept alive outside the human body for 4 to 24 hours. It is not always possible to deliver them to the right clinic for transplantation. Patients do not always have time to live to surgery.

Recently, Harvard professor Hemant Thatte and his colleagues have created a company called Hibergenica, which will commercialize the solution they created, which they called Somah without a shadow of embarrassment, that is, soma (in Hinduism, a sacred drink). However, this mixture does not carry a mystical component, but it can save lives. According to the authors, it consists of a total of 21 components that significantly slow down the process of necrosis of cells and tissues, allowing you to keep organs alive for as long as 10 days. During this time, they can be delivered anywhere.

In October 2009, Tatt and his team published their own results of testing Somah's preserving abilities in comparison with Genzyme's widely used Celsior solution today. Taking the hearts of female pigs, they placed them in one or another solution and during the next hours took samples to assess the condition and functionality of cardiomyocytes and endothelial cells. So it was shown that the hearts preserved with the help of Somah remained viable much longer. Moreover, pig heart cells remained active in it for 10 days, whereas the maximum that Celsior is capable of is 4 hours.

After learning about these impressive results, three enterprising Harvard Business School students turned to the scientist, immediately offering him a business plan. According to their calculations, $ 5 million of investment will be enough to offer the product for sale. They are confident that the use of the new solution alone will not only capture the transplantation market, but also expand it from the current $ 30 million to $ 200 million. After all, thanks to Somah, organs can be delivered from almost anywhere in the world in 10 days.

Somah ingredients act in such a way that they turn the natural metabolites of cells into substances that protect them. For example, in the same heart, such a toxic byproduct of vital activity as ammonia turns into nitric oxide (II), which dilates blood vessels, suppresses inflammatory processes and slows down blood clotting.

But first Somah has a long way to go from the laboratory to the hospitals. It will be necessary to check the viability of the organs stored in the solution after transplanting them to live pigs, then proceed with all caution to clinical trials – and only then it will be possible to apply for an official permit. And, of course, you will have to start not with the heart or lungs, but with simpler, smaller and easier to transplant organs – such as kidneys.

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