03 December 2021

A novelty from Alpina

"Focus on life": Andrey Fomenko's book on the fight against aging has been published in Alpina publishing house

The book of the famous Russian businessman Andrey Fomenko "Focus on life. Scientific approach to the prolongation of youth and health" in the publishing house "Alpina". It tells about the internal resources that every person has — with their help, you can slow down the aging process and increase life expectancy.


Andrey Nikolaevich Fomenko is a Russian investor and businessman. For many years he has been engaged in financing and promoting projects related to the prolongation of life and youth. 

In his book "Focus on Life", the author reflects that the richest resources are hidden in the human body to maintain health and activity for many years to come. According to Fomenko A. N., the problem of most people is that they know only basic recommendations that could help improve well-being and physical fitness, slow down the development of diseases and aging. However, there are deep problems that, according to the author, need to be solved. This is a destructive fear of death and widespread stereotypes that aging is a natural, inevitable and invincible process. Andrey Fomenko says that understanding how the brain and body work, about genes and their functions, about biochemical processes, the power of thinking, the placebo effect, the properties of mental and physical practices and much more will help to cope with these problems. Knowing about these valuable tools embedded in the body will help get rid of fears and stereotypes in order to manage the aging process and prolong an active life. 

Fomenko A. N. suggests changing the usual view of the length of life and admits that a person has a different scenario of development. Everyone can live longer without getting old — this is the leitmotif of the book. Based on the experience of numerous studies, as well as examples of real centenarians, the author tells how and with what you can preserve health, youth of the body and add additional years of life. 

The book "Focus on Life" is a guide for those who want to change the usual scenario and live for many years without diseases. People intending to become centenarians, in addition to theory, are offered practical recommendations that will help achieve this goal.

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