05 May 2012

Eternal student

Australian resident 97-year-old Alan Stewart (Allan Stewart)
secured the title of the oldest graduate
higher educational institution

Stewart, who lives in Lismore, on Friday, 05/04/2012, received a master's degree in medicine from Southern Cross University in New South Wales (see university press release: 97-year-old Uni graduate sets world benchmark).

Stewart has held the unusual title of the oldest university graduate for five years. In 2006, he got into the Guinness Book of Records, after receiving a law degree.

According to SCU lecturer Sonia Brownie, mostly her elderly student received education in absentia by correspondence via the Internet.

Stewart received his first degree in 1936, at the University of Sydney Dentistry. He then earned a doctorate in dental surgery in Chicago. After that, Stewart worked for a long time in his specialty in London, Sydney and in populated areas in northern New South Wales, and then at the age of 90 decided to re-enter university.

Stewart himself believes that getting a new professional education will be enough for him. According to him, he thought so after receiving his third degree in 2006.

"It's never too late to perfect your brain, challenge yourself to achieve something and make new friends," Stewart said.

Portal "Eternal youth" http://vechnayamolodost.ru according to the materials of RIA Novosti


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