04 May 2009

Gene therapy against diabetic polyneuropathy

Gene therapy can save patients from diabetic polyneuropathyElvira Koshkina, "Compulenta"
Gene therapy can help in the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy, a disease that develops in those who suffer from diabetes for many years.

The staff of the Boston clinic Brigham and Women's Hospital found out that intramuscular injections of the VEGF gene (vascular endothelial growth factor) can relieve patients from polyneuropathy, in which the sensitivity of the legs and feet decreases, weakness appears and problems with maintaining balance arise. The lack of sensitivity of the limbs is fraught with the fact that the patient will not notice the appearance of ulcers in time, and this will lead to amputation of the legs.

The study was conducted on 50 patients: 39 people received three sets of VEGF gene injections in one leg, and 11 received placebo injections. Six months after the start of treatment, patients in the first group showed a marked improvement in sensitivity symptoms compared to those who received a placebo.

According to doctors, the results of the experiment demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of genetic therapy for diabetic patients. But before this method of treatment is officially recognized, specialists will have to test a new type of therapy on more numerous groups of patients.

Prepared based on the materials of HealthDay News.

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