28 July 2011

Glowing dogs in Korean

A group of scientists from the National University of Seoul, led by Byeong-Chun Lee, have created a genetically modified dog that fluoresces green under the influence of ultraviolet light after eating the antibiotic doxycycline.

This is reported by the local Yonhap news agency (the first two paragraphs of the Scientists claim to have created glowing dog news are available in English, and if you understand Korean, you can read the full text).

An animal named Tegon was obtained using the same technology that was used to create the world's first cloned dog, the Afghan hound Snoopy. Then the nucleus of a cell from the ear of an adult greyhound was placed in the egg cell of another dog, and this egg was planted in the uterus of a third animal.

The world's first fluorescent puppies, created three years ago by the same group of scientists, glowed without the introduction of any trigger substances and in red.

The authors note that the gene responsible for the production of fluorescent protein and activated by the use of doxycycline can be replaced by another gene associated, for example, with the development of a particular disease. Since dogs and humans have at least 268 diseases that occur identically, genetically modified animals can be used to find methods for their treatment.

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