15 July 2011

Innovative medicines: from America to Russia

RUSNANO's Board of Directors approved the project implemented jointly with the American venture fund Domain Associates LLC, which has been engaged in venture investments in the field of medicine since 1985.

The aim of the project is to create a diversified production of innovative medicines in Russia through the transfer of about 20 products from portfolio companies Domain Associates LLC in exchange for providing these companies with joint investments of RUSNANO and Domain Associates LLC.

The project involves investments mainly in those companies that have already registered the finished product or are in the late stages of clinical trials, which implies minimizing investment risks and investing RUSNANO funds directly in attracting advanced world technologies in the field of medicine and their commercialization in Russia.

Innovative medicines, the production of which will be localized in Russia, are aimed at combating such socially significant groups of diseases as oncological, cardiovascular, age-related, endocrine and other diseases. It is assumed that the basis of the product line of the created production will be innovative pharmaceuticals and modern diagnostic equipment. RUSNANO and Domain Associates LLC plan to participate in the creation of Russian production on a parity basis.

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