21 July 2010

Jokes of genes: the white daughter of black parents

Black gave birth to whiteSvetlana Rodina, Newspaper.
RuIn the UK, a black couple had a white, blue-eyed child.

Doctors believe that genes played a joke with parents: the "white" gene can lie dormant for five generations and only then manifest itself.

The blue-eyed and blonde girl was born in the family of Benjamin and Angela Ihegborough. "When she was born, we just sat and looked at her," says the father. He admitted that when he saw the baby for the first time, he could not restrain an exclamation of surprise and immediately declared that it was not his child. However, then he still recognized the relationship. "My wife is loyal to me, but even if she wasn't, the baby would look different," Ihegborough joked. "She's just a miracle!" his wife adds. The couple also have a black daughter and son. For a long time the children could not get used to the fact that now they have a white sister.

Doctors assure that the baby is not an albino, she is completely healthy. It's just that one of the parents turned out to have a white skin gene. The couple were perplexed: they have no white people in their family, they themselves moved to the UK from Nigeria only five years ago. However, doctors assured them that the gene can be dormant for five generations.

Previously, doctors in the UK have already encountered similar cases. In 2006, a pair of mulatto Horder had twin girls: one with brown skin, and the other with white. As doctors say, the probability of this is one in a million.

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