11 April 2008

Mad world: a house that prolongs the life of the owner

RosBusinessConsultingAmerican designers have come up with and designed a house that stimulates the immune system and increases the life expectancy of its owner.

According to the American media, the house, located on Long Island, became the first such building by architects in the United States and cost $ 2 million.

The house, which was bought by a group of anonymous investors in the mid-90s, is already ready to be used to begin rejuvenating its inhabitants. The authors of the unusual project – 71-year-old designer Shusaku Arakawa (Shusaku Arakawa) and his 66-year-old wife Madeline Jeans (Madeline Gins) – claim that the building they built will keep residents in good shape, forcing them to constantly keep balance.

Among the features of the building are uneven floors resembling a swollen lunar surface, windows of different sizes and shapes, walls painted in 40 different colors and a non–standard lighting system.

All this is designed to create a feeling of being in a double space, as well as instill in the owners of the house a constant sense of care.

According to the designers, comfort is a harbinger of death. Their construction will keep residents in "tentative" relationships with others, preserving youth.

A house similar to the one that appeared in Long Island was built by creative spouses in Japan. According to them, the owner of the house, sometimes forced to crawl like a "snake" to get from one end of the room to the other, trains his immune system. The resident himself thanked the architects three months later, saying that he felt much better.

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