14 November 2016

Nanorobots for biomedicine

A scientist from MIPT won the innovators competition in Germany

nikitin.jpgMaxim Nikitin, Head of the MIPT Nanobiotechnology Laboratory, took 2nd place in the research project competition at the Falling Walls Lab conference in Berlin for his work "Nanorobots for Biomedicine".

The project "Nanorobots for Biomedicine" is dedicated to the creation of "smart" nanoparticles capable of performing logical calculations based on biochemical reactions, and the potential of their application for diagnostics and therapy.

The key work on this topic was published in 2014 in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, indicating the formation of a new direction in the field of targeted drug delivery. The development of the biomedical aspect of this direction was noted at the Berlin conference.

The Falling Walls Lab conference was founded on November 9, 2009, on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and is a unique international platform for young leaders of science, business, politics, art and society from around the world to promote their research and discoveries to a wide audience. According to the organizers of Falling Walls, the fall of the Berlin Wall gives humanity hope for new discoveries that can change the world, so the conference poses the main question to young researchers: Which walls will fall next? (Which walls will fall next?) Each participant answers it in his own way: the performances are held in the format of a three-minute story by the author about his innovative project or idea.

A total of 2,400 applications were submitted for the competition from all over the world. 100 participants from 50 countries entered the final, where their own selections were held. As a result, a jury of 20 people representing the leadership of the world's leading research centers, pharmaceutical companies and research assistance funds, headed by the Chairman of the Nobel Foundation Karl-Henrik Heldin, determined three winners.

Maxim Nikitin was congratulated on his victory by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Chairman of the jury Karl-Henrik Heldin, who is also Chairman of the Nobel Foundation, and Andrei Fursenko, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Science Foundation, as well as Russian Ambassador to Germany Vladimir Grinin, who were present on the sidelines of the forum.

The research of the Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology on the creation of therapeutic nanorobots was supported by the grant of the Russian Academy of Sciences No. 16-19-00131.

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