31 October 2023

Mistake that causes belly fat growth - taking away sugar is useless

Overeating and overweight are often a "mask" behind which anxiety and depression are hidden. 

Forming a commitment to regular physical activity, following simple rules of healthy eating is possible if a person has the strength and desire to do so. Without these two components, he is unlikely to get rid of, for example, the annoying belly, even if he refuses to eat sweets or fatty fried food.

Decreased interest in physical activity - a sign of apathy and anhedonia and requires complex treatment, here including important work with a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Svetlana Bronnikova, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, clinical psychologist at Moscow State University, psychotherapist, shared exercises that are effective in the fight against overeating and overweight.

The expert advised, finding yourself near the refrigerator, not in a hurry to get food, and put a timer for 10 minutes, go to another room and, for example, looking out the window, counting all the passing cars.

After the alarm goes off, consider whether you really want to solve the problem with food or whether you can refrain.

The technique is based on the fact that we experience our own emotions unevenly, in waves, noted the psychotherapist, adding that after the peak (a strong need to eat some experiences) always comes a decline.

In addition, even if the breakdown occurred and you ate something unhealthy, do not scold yourself and impose sanctions against yourself. It is better to go for a walk, do some stretching or a small massage, take a shower.
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