04 May 2009

The FDA warns: "fat burners" can harm your health!

A popular food supplement is banned in the United States because of the threat to health
Dmitry Gornostaev, RIA Novosti.

The dietary supplement Hydroxycut (Hydroxycate), popular among fans of dieting and bodybuilding, considered a "fat burner", is withdrawn from trade by the manufacturer at the request of the US federal authorities due to the threat to the health of consumers, in particular, due to the high risk of liver disease, the Food and Drug Administration said in a statement. medicinal products of the USA (FDA).

The products of this line, also sold in Russia, are used to reduce weight, "burn" fat, increase energy and lower the water content in the body.

In a press release issued on Friday, the Department said that the agency "received 23 reports of serious health problems from jaundice and elevated levels of liver enzymes - an indicator of possible liver damage – to liver damage requiring transplantation."

The document also notes that "the Department received a message about one fatal outcome as a result of liver failure."

In this regard, the agency on Friday called on everyone who used this supplement to immediately stop using Hydroxycut series products manufactured by the Canadian firm Iovate Health Sciences Inc. and distributed in the United States by the New York-based company Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc.

"Adverse cases are rare, but they do occur," says the acting chief of medicine of the FDA, Linda Katz, whose words are quoted in a press release.

As stated in the press release, there have been cases of seizures, disorders in the cardiovascular system, as well as tissue damage that can lead to kidney failure. At the same time, as noted, "patients reported, however, in rare cases, liver damage after consuming the recommended dose indicated on the bottle."

The agency notes that it has not yet found out which of the ingredients of Hydroxycut products negatively affects the liver and other organs. There is a list of 14 names of Hydroxycut products, which the FDA calls to stop taking.

The Department also notes that the Canadian manufacturing company has already agreed to withdraw from retail chains all products of its line included in the "blacklist".

The company itself indicates on its website that it will refund money to everyone who returns the purchased supplements at the place of their purchase.

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