05 May 2015

The heart of Carmat: the second failure

A second patient with an artificial heart has died in France


This is with reference to the French medical group Carmat (Update on the feasibility study of the first bioprosthetic artificial heart) reports France-Presse. It is noted that the operation to transplant an artificial heart to a 69-year-old man was performed in August in Nantes in western France. The patient died on Saturday, May 2, due to a problem with the functioning of the implant.

As noted in the communique of the French company-developer of the world's first artificial hearts, the patient was taken to the Nantes hospital on Friday, May 1, due to "heart failure".

"The medical team found a problem with the functioning of the prosthesis, after which the patient was placed in the intensive care unit," the document explains.

The doctors decided to replace the artificial heart with a new one. The operation was performed on Saturday, however, despite its successful completion, due to multiple complications that arose after, the patient died.

Now the company is conducting tests "to determine the causes of the patient's death and to ensure maximum safety conditions" for the third French owner of an artificial heart.

The first operation to implant an artificial heart was performed by French surgeons in December 2013. The first owner of an artificial heart, 76-year-old Frenchman Claude Dany, lived for 74 days and died in Paris on March 4, 2014. Carmat did not name the exact cause of the patient's death.

The third artificial heart transplant operation was performed in Paris last week, on April 29, to a 70-year-old man. At the moment, he feels good.

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