27 August 2009

The IX International Salon of Innovations and Investments has started its work

The opening ceremony of the 9th Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments took place yesterday. The salon is attended by 390 exhibitors from 46 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as representatives of 15 foreign countries, including Belarus, Brazil, Kazakhstan, the USA and Ukraine.

"There are a lot of new things here this year. The presentation of projects and participants is organized differently, the time of the salon has changed – now it takes place at the end of August," Russian Minister of Education and Science Andrey Fursenko said at the ceremony.

According to him, "we can say with full confidence that the salon is truly Moscow, since the exposition of the capital is as large as ever." "They tell us all the time about the crisis, that we need to tighten up, keep what we have. But I believe that in a crisis it is necessary to press not on the brake, but on the gas. This is the hottest time to move forward," the head of the Ministry of Education and Science said.

In turn , Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov noted: "People who are not indifferent to science, not indifferent to innovation and who want innovation to turn into investment have come here." "The salon is attended by representatives of states that want to interact with Russia and with Russian science. We certainly welcome such interest," the mayor said. He also noted that, according to approximate data, about 30% of the country's scientific potential is concentrated in Moscow. "And even in this year of crisis, compared to the past, Moscow has doubled spending on scientific research," Luzhkov added.

The Mayor of the capital paid special attention to the problem of implementing innovative scientific projects. "Russian scientists have always been inventive and full of a variety of ideas, but Russia has a disadvantage in implementing these ideas," Luzhkov said and urged the country's leadership to pay the most active attention to investing in innovative developments. "The slogan of our salon should be: investment – in innovation, innovation – in investment," the mayor said. He stressed that Russia's position on the world stage also depends on the level of development of the innovation industry: "We will never find our place in the world if we do not invest in our innovations."

Luzhkov expressed his conviction that the country needs to radically reduce the consumption of energy resources in production: "Having energy consumption in the industry 3-4 times higher than the volume of consumption of competitors, we immediately miss 3-4 "goals" in our gates."

The 9th Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments will last until August 29. It takes place on the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. The Moscow exposition occupies a central place at the salon, its area is about 2100 sq. m. meters. The theme of the capital's exposition is the development of Moscow's innovation system. 127 organizations of the capital take part in the salon, 280 scientific and technical developments and investment projects are presented.

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